Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hands Up

Raise more Hands Up now!
Sing your dreams ~
Stand up forever! With our unbreakable flag!
Let's keep breaking through the walls without ever stopping! Hands Up!

If we keep moving forward , will we able to reach the answers?
To the new world we've been kept believing on
That's right, the fragments of our dreams have become one.
Our unshakeable bonds reach through the shining future!

Look Up! more
Held your head high!
Step Up! Forever
Fly over the waves!
Make our wishes into one
Into the future!

Waves breaking through the shores and leaving
Meetings and partings, again, under this flag. . .
Ever since that day,
I have always kept that unforgettable pain inside in my heart.
I won't lose to anyone!
I will grab my freedom with my own hands.
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