Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fight Together

let’s head out before night becomes dawn,let’s go to face the unknown tomorrow,I’ve already decided to have no regrets,(Oh I know what I’m supposed to do)
my heart can’t help getting excited,over the kind of trials awaiting us,there’s only one place,we’re aiming for,(Fly to the light).our bond won at the end of the fight,we won’t let anyone get hurt,if you open your tightly clutched hands,you’ll find there is power dwelling inside.
come on, time to go,the new world is calling us.hey, don’t you see.we’ll always be there for each other no matter how many seas separate us,don’t be afraid of what’s ahead because don’t forget.We fight together
we’ve never hurt each other,we’ve come a long way from the days we looked up at the high, spacious sky with each oath in our hearts.we won’t lose ourselves to the burdens we carry the rising sun even shines on our pain
I have faithsomeday, let’s go find the future that’ll bind us as one, together you are irreplaceable to me so don’t forget.We fight together
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