Monday, August 12, 2013

Never Give Up!

What tough heart!
Once I decided that I’d keep up the fight, my road has never stopped unraveling
Carrying a small bit of pride with my fists clenched,
I aim for the goal again step by step, racing towards it with all my might!
Sometimes it’ll be a bad day where nothing goes the way I want it to
But even if the sky blurs through my tears,
I’m sure my smiles will come back tomorrow, so it’s okay!

There’s nothing out there to fear
I’ll keep believing that “I’m strong” and get going!

“With you around, there’s nothing to worry about now”
I felt as if the sky was saying that to me with a laugh
With the sweat and tears I build up, I’m sure I’ll come out dazzling
Even if I end up feeling anxious after it all,
As long as I believe I can do it
These footsteps have taught me to, always, Never Give Up!

“I’m always comparing myself to someone else…”
Even though I know that it’s okay to be me
I put the blame on others, avoiding the issue, and I just can’t forgive that about myself
I run into walls blocking my path and can’t figure things out on my own
But despite the hard times, I had friends who stuck by me and gave me their support
Because they laughed and cried with me
They’re irreplaceable to me, giving me invisible strength and courage, pushing me forward!

If now is the time to hold out, then don’t wait around; take a stand!
Wrap your heart around your head like a headband, and clench your teeth inside your heart
Once you do that, then surely you’ll take a one step lead, be a single hero
If you justify the situation saying “There’s no helping it” then give that naive self of yours a kick in the rear
Don’t be scared, light a fire underneath your timidity! You’ve gotta move!
Step it up and put an end to this farce, don’t just stand there, but Restart all over again!
Keep On, always with a smile, Zone Here We Go Now!
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